Signs That Your Child May Need Eyeglasses

February 3, 2020

Young children generally don’t let their parents know if they are having trouble seeing – a problem that can impact a child’s performance socially and academically. That’s why it’s important for parents to recognize the potential signs and seek a professional evaluation.

At the office of The Eyeglass Shop, our warm and friendly team is skilled in working with children of all ages. Using advanced diagnostic tools, we will perform a comprehensive eye test to determine whether your child has a vision problem that may possible require eyeglasses.

As a general rule, children should have their first comprehensive eye exam at six months of age, again at age 3, and then just before they enter the first grade — at about age 5 or 6. School-aged children should have an eye exam at least every two years if no vision correction is required. Children who need eyeglasses should be examined annually or as recommended by their eye doctor. Should problems arise, seek an evaluation as soon as possible.  

Signs your child may need glasses:

  • squinting often
  • tilting head or covering one eye
  • sitting too close to the television or holding hand-held devices too close to the eyes
  • rubbing eyes excessively
  • complaining of frequent headaches or eye pain
  • having difficulty concentrating on schoolwork

Eyeglasses work to improve how well your child sees -- strengthening vision in a weak eye or improving the position of the eyes if they are crossed or misaligned.

Committed to your child’s vision health

At the office of The Eyeglass Shop, our skilled team brings years of professional experience and are highly qualified to evaluate and treat children’s eye problems. If you believe your child is having vision difficulty, we invite you to visit our office for a comprehensive eye exam and, if needed, a fitting for eyeglasses.

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